About us

The launch of the Cancer Research UK Leeds Centre took place on 17 May 2010, in the Bexley Wing of St James’s University Hospital. This was the first time a Cancer Research UK Centre launch was held outside a University, truly reflecting the Centre’s mission to bring patients, researchers, doctors, surgeons, and fundraisers closer together. We are a collaboration between the University of Leeds, the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust  and Cancer Research UK.

The Cancer Research UK Centres play a major role in delivering the charity’s five-year strategy. The Centres deliver world-class research, improve patient outcomes and increase local engagement of patients and the public.

The Centre contains many international research leaders with a huge range of cancer research activities. Our research has numerous funders, including Governmental, charitable and industry sources. There are major contributions from the Medical Research Council, Bloodwise (formerly Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research), Candlelighters, the National Institute for Health Research, the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Charitable Foundation and Yorkshire Cancer Research. The biggest single funder is Cancer Research UK, which funds local infrastructure (such as laboratory facilities), Centre staff, PhD students, Clinical Research Fellows, specific research programmes and Senior Research Fellows.

In partnership with the Department of Health, Cancer Research UK also funds the Leeds Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC), which works closely with the Centre. The ECMC network focuses on vital, early clinical trials of small molecules and biotherapies, and in developing prognostic and predictive cancer biomarkers.

Image courtesy of Cancer Research UK.


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